Aperitif on the beach at sunset, is priceless

" The new Hong Kong edition of Art Basel will draw more than 50% of participating galleries from Asia and the Asia-Pacific region with more than 2,000 artists from around the globe"

Artist: Emilio Perez
"All I can Say"
Gallery: Galerie Lelong, NYC

"Positano, like Capri is more of a way of life than a tourist destination.  La Marina Grande is the small main beach."

" On the way to Tilcara and Humahuaca, the landscape is unreal, the color tones of the earth, and the huge mountains, are all overwhelming"

Art Basel Miami Beach is the most important art show in the United States, a cultural and social highlight for the Americas.

artist: Cyrille Allannic

These two teenagers fighting were so amazingly close you could hear their tusks clanking

We had a few days when my family could all take off from work and take a long weekend in the sun.  We had been to Grand Cayman during the school Winter Break, but longed for more sun and beach.  I had recently read that Dorado Beach had been taken over by the Ritz Carlton and they had done a real bang up job.  At the same time, an old friend who was a chef in NYC had left for Puerto Rico and was cooking at a fancy hotel/restaurant in Condado, so we decided to combine the two and go.  The end of March is somewhat of a crap shoot weather-wise.  We arrived with rain and most of the day was cloudy. We stayed at the Ritz Carlton in San Juan which is about five minutes from the Muñoz Marin Airport, so you land and soon enough you can be at the beach, that is if the hotel does not manage to misplace all your luggage for almost two hours. Since it was Easter vacation, the place was really full.  Because the ocean was a bit rough and it was windy,...
I ticked off another destination on my bucket list and, in retrospect, am finding it hard to determine which vacation I loved more: the South African Safari http://singita.com/ or a recent trip to the Galapagos Islands. I chose the “Islander” boat from National Geographic Expeditions because I figured National Geographic would keep stewardship of this fragile and important ecosystem at the fore and because this particular ship accommodates only 48 people maximum (in 24 cabins), which would feel like a community and not a huge herd. And those were both true. What I did not figure is that a smaller boat would rock more. I have never suffered from sea sickness before, but it seems that with age, that changes. It hit me the first night, but, fortunately, there was a bowl of Dramamine at the reception desk. Once I started taking it, I was fine. (The rest of my family, it should be noted, felt no effects at all and did not take motion sickness medication during the entire...
  The capital of the Catalan region, Barcelona, is a global city, the major cultural and economic center of southwest Europe, and a place that welcomes innovation and transforms foreign influences. Gastronomically, food historian, Penelope Casas, in her book, “ Discovering Spain”, informs us that “ By favoring stews and ‘composite’ dishes featuring more than one main ingredient, and by joining the most unlikely and disparate elements, Catalans have created an imaginative, almost baroque-style cuisine. “Combinations such as, dried cod with honey, sweetened sausage (botifarrón dolça), goose with pears, chicken with figs, pork with chestnuts, and rabbit with quince and honey, all trace their origins to medieval times. Although the use of chocolate, tomato and peppers, typical of Catalan cooking today was a result of the Discovery of America”.   In Spain, but mostly in Barcelona, there is the tradition of “...
Because of Barcelona’s privileged location, its culture has been nurtured and influenced by commerce (textiles from the East), architecture (the Romanesque and Gothic styles were introduced here to the Iberian Peninsula), gastronomy (the Italian pastas that Marco Polo imported from China and the use of honey, fruits and nuts in composite main course dishes), the arts (Picasso and Dalí, started here before moving to Paris and revolutionizing the concept of modern art), architecture (the structural innovations of Gaudí and his religious symbolism) , literature ( Garcia Lorca’s poems and symbolic plays), all contributed to create a city that is vibrant and innovative, what has been called the Athens of Spain, a cultural center of creativity and invention.   Although Frank Ghery made Bilbao an architectural magnet, Barcelona has always been known for its innovative cuisine, but it became a gastronomical destination due to Ferran Adriá and...